Emergency Messages Provide Warnings For Residents of Delaware County Residents of Delaware County are invited to enroll in “Delco Alert,” a regional community alert system which transmits emergency text messages of public warnings. “Delco Alert” is the identity in Delaware County of ReadyNotifyPA, which is administered by the Roan Secure Alert Network (RSAN) in the five-county southeastern Pennsylvania region which also includes Bucks, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

Entire families can be enrolled in the system under a single user name. Points of interest such as residences, schools and workplaces can be marked on a map so warnings concerning those locations can be sent to the user. Residents can receive warnings which are local or regional.

Residents who work or go to school in Philadelphia or another county can sign up to receive warnings from those jurisdictions as well as from Delaware County, Whelan said. He said any information provided will remain confidential within the system and will not be used for anything other than sending emergency messages.

Whelan encouraged residents to enroll to receive text or e-mail messages from as many counties as necessary to fully benefit from the system.

“We live in a region with nearly 3.5 million people who cross county lines regularly to travel to and from their homes, jobs, schools and to pursue other interests,” he said.
“Whether we are dealing with floods, severe storms or threats to homeland security or other threats or dangers, we recognize that emergencies don’t stop at our borders.”

There is no cost to enroll in “Delco Alert.”


Emergency Preparedness:

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